Kyobashi Market----Open only once a month

2016/04/18 4938 views Market Koraku Hotel Ihori
The flea market of Kyobashi,Okayama, opens only first Sunday every month. It is located in Kyobashi area, 20- minute walk from Koraku Hotel. If you take a tram, get off at Kyobashi stop on Seikibashi Line.

Kyobashi Asaichi  -Morning Market-

Open every first Sunday

Schedule of the year 2016

Held on August 7th, September 4th, October 2nd,

November 6th, & December 6th

From 3:00am to 10:00am

They start to put up shops from 3 in the morning!

Lots of people come to the market between 6 to 8, so, come earlier to get what you aim!

Plenty of foods, lots of shops .....people are gathered here before sunrise!


Smells so good! This is a huge pincho! I must try one!


Yes! This is outstanding, I love this chewing texture!

(Thums up!)


Too many temptasions all around the market !


Also Fresh vegetables of our region are on sale.


How big these sausages are!  Kurashiki sausage? 

I have never had this before, this is a good thing about Market,

I discover old and new things everywhere everytime I visit.


I was so full at that moment, but ・・・suddenly, the letters B.U.R.G.E.R came into my sight. 

Off course, I go for it!


”Tama-shima Buger!”

People were making a long long queue,

and so was I one of them.


Fresh lettuce,

eggs & bacon plus a hamberg steak, all together

in soft buns.

When I finally get it after waiting in a long queue, I was overjoyed!! 

・・・and off course, I ate up all. 


This is only a part. You will find good stuff while you are in Okayama.

I had to skip a lunch that day because I was so full of those all good stuff I had in Kyo-bashi market. 


By tram, take a line for Seikibashi, take off at Kyobashi, and walk toward the river

for 3 minutes.