Oka-Build. Market

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Located near Koraku Hotel, this market is a place where you can find a range of daily necessities and regional food products.

Fruit and vegetable shops, fish-mongers・・etc.

Seasonal fine fruits and vegetables of our region, fresh fish from Seto Inland Sea,Japanese pickles, shops and restaurants are altogether in this local market.



Self service restaurant run by a fish monger 

You can make a Kaisendon (a bowl of rice topped with Sashimi) as you like.

1.Pick up some pieces of Sashimi.

2. Rice and soup are free for service.

3.Put Sashimi on rice, pour soy sauce with a bit of Japanese horseradish, Wasabi for seasoning. 

   Enjoy Kaisen-don by the fish-monger in market!


Halal certificated. Lacto vegetarians menu is also available.

Located in the corner of Oka-Build. Market,
this restaurant provides nice dishes of authentic Indian meals and chai tea,
including very local Indian dishes.




TEL 81-86-206-2289 
Closed: Every first Tuesday


Matsushita Udon

Thick noodles with non chemical condiments

They can offer service for Halal if required. 

Choose from・・・

Hot noodles with Hot soup,

Hot noodles with Cold soup,

Cold noodles with Hot soup, or

Cold noodles with Cold soup

and pick up some crispy fried Tempra for topping in addition.

Yes, the simplest is always the best!


TEL 81-86-227-0012

Oka-bild. Ichiba, Nodaya-cho, Kita-ku, Okayama

It's located next to a liquor shop in the market. 


-Coffee Tei-

The aroma of coffee hangs in the air at the corner of the market.They have set menus for breakfast and lunch at very reasonable prices.

TEL 81-86-226-5858

Open 7:00~17:00

Closed Sun. & Holiday



It is only a 3-minute walk from Koraku Hotel.

Cross the main street and walk along the canal,

you will find the market on your right.