Health-conscious & Delicious !

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Eating healthy is not very easy while you are travelling. If you are conscious about healthy diet, here are some of my favorite restaurants that provide tasty dishes and at the same time healthy in many aspects using the best possible ingredients.

Peanuts Tofu (picture above) is particularly made in Okayama, you may not find it in any other places. 

※Map is under construction. Please ask the location at the reception. 

Yasai shokudou -Koyama-

The owner, Ms. Koyama suggests macrobiotic diet with Japanese cuisine.

"Take all the energy from grains and vegetables." she says.

Well, I definitely see all the answer in her smiling face, bright and sleek!

They use organic rice and natural water brought from a far north village of Okayama. 

I had a lunch from their set menus, and rediscovered how tasty the soy meat was !  

Lunch menu is from 1000 yen and dinner is from 1830 yen, it is very reasonable.


Yasai shokudou -Koyama-

Tamachi, Kita-ku, Okayama-shi

TEL 81-86-234-0315

Open 11:30~14:30(14:00 LO)


Closed on Tuesdays

Open only for lunch time on Mon. & Wedn.

Official Site of Koayama


Quiet Village Curry Shop

My favorite is Dal curry, which is made in Vegan style, it contains lentils but no fat nor meat.

It's very tasty and impressive, besides there is no need to worry about heavy stomach afterwards.

The picture below is a plate of dal curry and chicken curry served by halves.

You can order in addition a spicy egg on spicy cury.

Only 12 seats in the restaurant, so there may be a queue during the lunch hours.


Quiet Village Curry Shop

1-6-43, Omote-cho, Kita-ku, Okayama-shi

Back of Symphony Hall

Open 11:30~19:30 (19:00 LO)

Closed Monday (Next day if Mon. is holiday)

Facebook of Quiet Village Curry shop



The picture below shows one of the menus for lunch, vegetables cooked with mini STAUB.

Mozzarella melts over cooked root vegetables, this set menu is "Okayama Vegetable Cocotte."

STAUB, this magical appliance makes the ingredience bring out the maximum flavor of each.


They also cook Cocotte with chiken, meat, and sweets.

To accompany with those menus of regional ingredience・・・you'd better try a glass of Japanese wine from over 60 kinds in their wine cellar.  


Harekuni Dinning Proposta

1-9-12, Nakasange, Kita-ku, Okayama-shi,

TEL 81-86-235-1377

Open 11:30~14:30 (14:00 LO)

          18:00~23:00 (22:00 LO)

Closed  Tuesday



Okabe  -Tofu-

A Tofu shop runs this very small restaurant next door. 

They serve Tofu dishes during lunch hours,

Cold Tofu, Fried Tofu, Miso-soup, smashed Tofu with rice,

this is a set menu called "Okabe Teishoku".

Enjoy a healthy Tofu meal that has not changed from olden times. 



1-10-1, Omote-cho, Kita-ku, Okayama-shi

TEL      81-86-222-1404

Open    11:30-14:00

Closed   Thur., Sun, & Holidays

It's a 5-mins walk from Koraku Hotel.