Izakaya restaurants in the back of Koraku Hotel

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Around our hotel, you will find many Izakaya restaurants at night. Let's have a great time in Okayama!

Enjoy local cuisines of fresh seafood from the Seto Inland Sea, the premium Wagyu meat, small portions of home made dishes and Sake brewed in Okayama, etc.

※It is always better to book a table beforehand, especially during holidays and weekends.

   Please ask receptionists anytime about the availability.

※You will find more vacancy if dinning after 21:00 .

※Map is under construction. Please ask the location at the reception. 



Their menues are all nice! This handsome chef in the counter speaks English, you can ask what the recommendation of the day is. 

Fried shrinps, crabs, local cuisines in small portions are served fresh and nicely cooked.

There are over 50 kinds of Shochu drinks as well; Shochu is a liquor distilled from potatoes, buckwheat, rice etc. Try and enjoy Izakayan menues!

2-min. walk from Koraku Hotel

TEL 81-86-234-1111

Open: 16:00~23:00

Closed : Sunday (open everyday in December)



It is located in the back street of our hotel.

They prepare beautiful local cuisines and dishes to enjoy Japanese four seasons.


1-min. walk from Koraku Hotel

TEL 81-86-226-3131

Open: 17:30~24:00

Closed: Sun. & Holiday





Obanzai Hiyori

They offer home cooking with boiled vegetables and marinated food served in small portions.

Obanzai is originally from Kyoto, Tofu, Sashimi, boiled or fried meals little by little.


2-min. from Koraku Hotel

TEL 81-86-234-8648

Open: 17:30~24:00

Closed: Sun.& Holiday



Little-known spot, and extremly small place.

Only 5 guests can sit at the counter.

Charge is 2000 yen for dinner and you can have anythins the owner prepares for that day as you like, drink fee is not included.


1-min. from Koraku Hotel

It is in the Hotel Sunshine, enter from the latticed door.

TEL 81-86-234-9080

Open 19:00~21:00






Sakanaya Taisho

Menu is varied from fresh fish to premium beef.

One of their recommendations is "Oke mori", with several kinds of Sashimi slices served thick.

If you prefer Japanese meat, try tender and juicy Okayama Beef "Chiya-Gyu".

They also have rare bottles of Sake from all over Japan.

 2-min. from Koraku Hotel

TEL 81-86-222-2332

Open 17:00~till very late

Closed irregularly





Sakaiya Honten

Always full of people, so it is definitely better to book a table beforehand.

Very alive, it is crowded with local people.


In front of Koraku Hotel, 1F of SANPEI Build.

TEL 81-86-226-0737

Open 17:00~24:00

Closed: Sunday