Popping in a nice Cafe & Bar before going back to my room.

2016/09/30 854 views Cafe Momotaro
After dinner, you want to have a nice cup of coffee or a beautiful cocktail. Here are some cafes and bars nice and close to Koraku Hotel.

Cafe & Bar  TACSUM

It is a non smoking bar.

You can have a cup of coffee here, well extremely a fine cofee !


Coffee with a lot of whipped milk is gorgeous!



Cocktail to your liking.

Candle light brings relaxing moments.



Cafe & Bar TACSUM

2-min. walk from Koraku Hotel

Going out from the entrance of the hotel to the right, it is one next door of  

Pizzeria Appetito.

TEL 81-86-233-7440

Open 19:00-2:00

Closed Irregularly

Bar map around the hotel