Japanese cuisine at 2nd floor.

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Located on 2nd floor of Okayama Koraku Hotel, restaurant "Tsurube" serves a wide range of Japanese cuisines including Kaiseki course menus of regional ingredients.

Our Japanese restaurant on 2F serves our hotel guests with very welcoming heart.


Nagomi Yuzen TSURUBE

Located in Okayama Koraku Hotel, 2nd floor.



Set menu for dinner, "Tsurube Yuzen" is served for our guests at special price. 

It has Tofu, Templa, Sashimi, and other small portions of Japanese meals served on a tray.

It is reasonable price, but you will enjoy a lovely dinner.


These small balls of mozzarella cheese taste very nicely with Japanese dishes.

You can taste all bit by bit, you can enjoy different flavors alternately.   


Fresh fish at its best season is cooked, some fish can be served in a very limitted time of the year.

You will enjoy the harmoney of ingredients and seasonality that chef creats everyday.


Chef is always in the kitchen, but you will know his devotion to aim the best everytime he prepares for the guests, which is expressed in fine works that you encounter when served in front of you.




So Welcome and please enjoy your meal with us to your heart's content ! 


Breakfast 6:30~10:00 (Enter before 9:40)

Lunch     11:30~14:30 (14:00 LO)

Dinner    17:00~21:30 (21:00 LO)

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Two other restaurants of the same group 

Yanagawa Hamura

Hamura  ←Official website

3-min.walk from Okayama Koraku Hotel

 Mon-Fri 11:30~14:00 17:00~22:00

Sat. Sun.& Holidays 11:30~15:00 17:00~22:00

Closed  Wednesday

TEL 81-86-225-6364 (Reservation needed)

Budget: Lunch from 3000yen~ Dinner from 6000yen~



Jii ya

jii ya ← Official Website

5-min. walk from Koraku Hotel

Tue.-Sun. 17:00~24:00

Closed Mon.

TEL 086-222-7758 (Reservation needed)

Budget: 4000~6000yen