Tour of Kirin Beer Factory

2016/05/31 3448 views Tour Koraku Hotel Ihori
Visit a Kirin Beer Factory in a rural area of Okayama. Take part in a guided tour of the factory in order to see various stages of beer production. You can also enjoy freshly brewed beer tasting after the tour !

You have to go by yourselves to the factory.

The nearest train station of Kirin Beer Factory is JR "Mantomi Station"

It takes about 25 min. from JR Okayama Sta. to Mantomi Sta. by JR Sanyo Line bound for Himeji or Aioi




Take off the train at Mantomi Sta. and walk about 10 min. to the factory.

Take a 70-minute tour of the factory. It is free to participate but reservation is required.

※No English guide is available.





The aroma of hops and grains is fantastic!




Ride a Kirin bus and move to the beer production line.



So it is Sunday today. The factory is not working !

Visiting the factory during weekdays would be better.


This is Ichiban Shibori !

I had a sampling of the first squeeze.

It's sweet and easy to drink.

I found an obvious difference between the first squeeze and the second.



After the guided tour, we had 3 glasses of freshly made beer,

and it is all free!



Well, I couldn't pour beer correctly afterall.


Thank you for highlighting the process of beer production in the factory !

Yes, we love Beer ! 


Kirin Beer Factory, Okayama

add. 678, Mantomi, Seto-cho, Higashi-ku, Okayama-shi
TEL 81-86-953-2525
open 9:00~17:00
closed Mondays
access 25-min. by JR Sanyo-line from Okayama Sta. to Mantomi Sta.

Reservation  ← Direct booking to the factory from here.

Koraku Hotel will also make a reservation for you.

Ask at the reception or send a mail to us→



After the Beer Factory, we headed to Himeji by local train.

It is an 1 hour trip from Mantomi Sta. to Himeji Sta.