Cheers ! Takoyaki !

2016/06/02 2818 views Food Koraku Hotel Ihori
This is where you can have balls of Takoyaki for snack at night!

Tako Kichi Honten たこ吉本店

They have many variations of Takoyaki, very yummy and hot.

After having a drink with my mate, I wanted Takoyaki so badly. 

So, we went to Takokichi bar, we made a toast with beer,

ordered some Cheese special and Deep fried Takoyaki.

Takoyaki and beers!  Cheers !


In front of you, appears a cook with a gasburner,  

"FIREeeee! " he melts cheese  in a second !  Specutaclar! 


Here you are !

Delicious balls of Cheese Special Takoyaki !


My mate, Masha goes, " scrumptious !"


Deep fried Takoyaki is also our favourite.

Surface is fried to be a bit crunchy, but very soft inside.


Takoyaki Takokichi


add. 2-10-14, Yanagi-machi, Kita-ku, Okayama-shi
TEL 086-225-5656
Open Weekdays 17:00~02:00am Fri.& Sat. until 03:00am
Closed Sunday
Access 10-min. walk from Koraku Hotel 
Web  Takokichi Honten


You can take out Takoyaki as well.