Sukiyaki & Shabu-shabu ! Try mouthwatering sliced tender meats!

2016/06/16 874 views Food Momotaro
Enjoy the exquisite Japanese beef and pork at the restaurant located just in the back of the hotel. You can experience the excellent taste of Japanese meats in Sukiyaki or Shabu-shabu styles.


Sukiyaki & Shabu-shabu House、Haikaratei.

This restaurant is located just behind Koraku Hotel, actually in front of the car parking, so it's within 1 min. walk and you cannot miss it.



Sukiyaki is a very popular Japanese hot pot cooked with beef sliced very very thin together with some vegetables.

The savour is sweet and salty because its stock is mainly made of soysauce and suger.

Shabu-shabu is another very nice Japanese hot pot. You dip very thinly sliced beef or pork in boiling water and when it's boiled slightly, season it with some sauce of your preference. 


Haikaratei also offers other kind of hot pot dishes as well.

Well, we ordered Sukiyaki to enjoy a high-quality beef that is extremely tender.

The raw egg is to be mixed well before dipping the meat and vegetables of Sukiyaki.  Yummy!


There are several courses depending on the types of meat.

This one showed in the picture below is the second best one, Shou-Course.

They have 4 levels of meat: Gokujou Course (about 7000 yen per person), Shou Course (6000 yen), Chiku Course (5000 yen), Bai Course (4000 yen) more or less.


If you order Chiku course, the beef looks like this. It is a different kind of beef and each has its own savour. 

It is cooked in front of you at the table.
Vegetables, root vegetables, and some balls of wheat gluten called FU will be added in the hot pot.
We finished with thick Japanese noodeles, Udon. 

You will enjoy the very tender Wagyu meat cooked in hot pot in this restaurant.

Sukiyaki or Shabu-shabu?

Budget will be from 2000 yen up to 8000 per person.



add. 4-25, Heiwa-cho, Kita-ku, Okayama
tel 086-232-2901
open 17:30-22:00
closed  Sundays & National Holidays
access Back of Okayama Koraku Hotel