Light & Healthy ! Japanese SOBA, buckwheat noodles available near Koraku Hotel.

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Take some noodles with chopsticks and slurp without any hesitation. Here are some buckwheat SOBA noodles available near our hotel. Try our traditional food and its particular way of eating!

Mizutani (sobadokoro mizutani)

Many of their guests are regular visitors, that means it is a quite nice place to have Japanese Soba. 

A 3-min. walk along the river will take you to Mizutani from Koraku Hotel. 


They close when their house-made noodles are finished.


This Japanese-style rolled omelette called "Dashimaki-Tamago" is tasty and slightly sweet eaten with a heap of ground Daikon radish and soy sauce.


Tofu in hot pot is served with various seasonings.



Add Oshige-build.1F, 4-26, Saiwai-cho, Kita-ku, Okayama-shi
TEL 086-226-8266
Open 11:00~17:00 ( till 19:00 on Sat., Sun, & Holidays)
Closed Wednesdays

 Walk along the Nishigawa canal toward South for 3 min.

 Turn to the right at the corner of restaurant "Tapas",

 turn again to the right at the next corner. You'll find on your right.



Iori  (sobakirian iori)

It's located on the other side of Momotaro Odori. 


Their noodles are house made as well.

They are open at night, so people enjoy Soba with Japanese Sake.

Other side menus are available, too.



Add. 1-8-5, Nodaya-cho, Kita-ku, Okayama-shi
TEL 086-222-5939
Open 11:30~14:30 17:00~22:00 (till 21:00 on Sun. & Holidays)
Closed 8th & 13th every month, also irregularly closed
アクセス  Cross the junction of Main street, Momotaro-Odori, turn to the left at Seven Eleven、Turn to the right at a small junction, walk about 100m.


Tohge   (teuchisoba touge)

Their menus are variated from simple Kake-Soba to Tendon (bowl of rice topped with Tempra).

It is located in the back street of NTT Cred Building.


Add 1-9-59, Nakasange, Kita-ku, Okayama-shi
TEL 086-226-8270
Open 11:30~20:00
Closed Tuesdays

 A 5-min. walk from Koraku Hotel.

Back of NTT Cred Building.

Web. Facebook 手打そば峠



If you have a car, drive about 30 min. from Koraku Hotel toward north:

through Route 53 to Takebe town.

Surrounded by abundant nature, this old style Japanese house is a Soba restaurant standing

by the rice field in a country living environment.

Contemplating the land scape of peaceful countryside, fresh air makes Soba noodles even more tasty.


There is a public hot spring called "Yahata Onsen" in Takebe. It is 10-min away from this restaurant.

It is ideal for a half-day driving trip from Koraku Hotel. 



Add 1208, Yoshida, Takebe-cho, Kita-ku, Okayama-shi
TEL 0867-22-3577
Open They are open from 11:00am until they finish noodles of the day
Closed Tuesdays

About 30-min. by car from Koraku Hotel. Go up to north Route 53 to Takebe.

It stands on foot of a mountain, 100m off the route 53. You'll find it beyond the rice field! 

There will be a queue.