Enjoy our Breakfast !

2016/07/21 895 views Breakfast Momotaro
Start your day with a wide range of breakfast buffet at our 2F restaurant "Tsurube", you will have Western and Japanese style dishes carefully prepared every morning for our guests.

Locally produced farm eggs

Scrumble eggs, Japanese Dasshi-maki egg rolls, or even raw eggs with rice...

eggs are common breakfast menu that everyone likes, so we have selected fresh and good eggs brought directly from a local farm to serve in the breakfast buffet.    


Soy sauce of our region. Try seaweed soysauce! (Nori-Shoyu)

The fresh eggs can be eaten raw, we put yolk on the top of a bowl of rice,

pour a portion of soy sauce, mix them up with chopsticks, and enjoy with some Japanese pickles or seasonings.

This is Tamago-kake-gohan, one of the most popular egg dishes in Japan.


House-made Tofu

Japanese breakfast contains full of soybean protein.

Tofu is a popular breakfast menu as well. Pour a bit of salt, soy sauce or Ponzu sauce, also some Wasabi mustard or some seasonings depending on your preference.

(If you want something different, try a cup of Natto, fermented soybeans, well...I hope Natto doesn't put you off!)   


More than 30 different kinds of menus are available in buffet style.


Curry rice, miso soup, salad, sausages, also Japanese noodles etc. 


You can choose whatever you like from a variety selection of Japanese and Western dishes.



Yogurt and fruits are always nice to have in the morning.



You can take out coffee to your room for free.

I love to take breakfast buffet that are fully prepared, having it in a relaxing atmosphere, I can start a day with an easy morning.

No rush. Induldge yourself !  



2F restaurant of Koraku Hotel : Tsurube 

From 6:30 to 10:00 / Enter before 9:40

※Our breakfast is for resgistered hotel guests only.

  Guests can have visitors join breakfast upon request.