Hidden gems, my favorite Izakaya to hide out after 18:00.

2016/07/19 813 views Food Ihori
They are well known by local people and always crowded, in other words, hidden gems that are not known by tourists.


It's located only 3-min. away from Koraku Hotel.

My recommendation is " Oden", Japanese stewed ingredients such as potato, egg, chikuwa surimi, daikon radish etc...some are simmered at very low heat for more than a day.  

Well, Oden of Kuro-chan is famous for its confidential soup they cook with the ingredients.


Must try !!


Next recommendation is ”Sawara no Tataki" (lightly roasted sawara)

Sawara is a kind of fish Okayaman people like, it's a popular local cuisine enjoyed in Sashimi style or simply grilled or boiled in stock with soy sauce. 


My friend, Mr. Mashi expresses his gratitude for the delicious food he can have here. 

Ummm...This is it !



”Potato Salad”

I love Potato salad of Kuro-chan.

Sometimes, just a little difference makes a big difference somehow.



A plate of deep fried fish is a perfect tapa for my beer.



Add. 7-7, Togiya-cho, Kita-ku, Okayama-shi
TEL 086-233-5802
Open 17:00~23:00(L.O)
Closed Sundays
Access 3-min. on foot from Koraku Hotel
HP 酒・旬処 クロちゃん



5-min. walk from Koraku Hotel.

It's close to the cinema Merpa & Toyoko Inn near the Bic Camera in front of the station.

This is a Popular but a hideout restaurant-bar I often go. 


To start with, we make a toast "Kanpai" with ”Takezake”. (Bamboo sake)


”Beef cheek meat” (Gyu Hoho Niku)

Then I order a very tasty and tender stewed-beef with a portion of mashed potato.


Specialty ”Daikon Tale”

I love this tale soup with big Daikon radish. 

That's superb, you must try !


"Fried mini tomatoes”

It might sound weired. But this is one of the most popular menus in this restaurant-bar.

Deep fried tomatoes, they are pretty nice !

As this place is very popular among local people, you should make a reservation before going.  

※Please ask us at reception to book a table.


Harapeko Tamashouten

Add. 1-4-18, Ekimae-cho, Kita-ku, Okayama-shi
TEL 086-953-4120
Open 17:30pm.~01:00am.
Closed Wednesdays
Access 7-min. on foot from Koraku Hotel