Let's explore Kibiji area !

2016/06/28 2799 views Sightseeings Koraku Hotel
Kibiji area lays in the south west of Okayama. It is quite interesting to visit this area as you can find historical places dotted in the pastoral countryside surrounded by a very peaceful atmosphere. Visit when weather is good.

We went to Kibiji by car, it took about 50 minutes from Koraku Hotel.

If you want to go by local train, catch a Kibi-Line from Okayama Sta., get off at Bizen-Ichinomiya Sta. or Soja Sta. to rent a bicycle near the station. The bicycle road will lead you to the historical places on the way. It will take about 2 -3 hours from Bizen-Ichinomiya to Soja, or in reverse.


There were children learning how to plant rice seedlings in the muddy rice field in beginning of June. 


We went to Sun Road Kibiji where local products are sold in the market.

They also have a nice public bath in the pavillion.


We moved to another market called Yamate-village to take lunch.

Yamate-village stands 3-min. away from Sun Road Kibiji by car. 


They serve a nice buffet using local produced vegetables, besides all cooks are local Moms !

The name of the restaurant is "Kibi-Kibi-Tei".


After eating too much, we found candies made of seaweed in Yamate-village shop.

It was the first time to try and it tasted weird.


They have very original products.... like Tomato jam, Fire station curry, and Teats' cookies.


In the opposite side of the street of 5-story pagoda, there stands a Sake brewery where you can visit inside. We bought some Sake made in this land of Kibi for souvenir.


Then, we visitted ancient tombs. Komori-zuka Kofun. A misterious legend has been told about the tombs. 


Other Sacred places like temples and shrines are worth a visit.

Kibitsu Shrine (constructed in 1425) has been designated as National Treasures. 


When the weather is nice, extend your trip to Kibiji area !