Korakuen Garden Opens at night during August

2017/07/06 430 views Sightseeings Momotaro
Korakuen Garden is open till 21:30 pm from 1st to 31st of August.

The garden and the castle are illuminated with lights and candles at sundown.


This nocturnal performance makes the garden more enjoyable and fantastic. Stroll the beautiful Garden under the stars.     
Some events might be going on around the stage, there are stalls of drinks and snacks, but it is also possible to bring some drinks with you to the garden.   

It is about a 10-min. walk from Koraku Hotel to Korakuen Garden or Okayama Castle.

※You can also take a street car to Shiroshita sta. from the stop in front of Koraku Hotel, then walk to the garden, it takes about 5 minutes on foot.  




The garden lays here, now being in the centre of the city, for more than 300 years. It has been always a treasure for the people, and a jewel of Okayama.