Crispy & Tasty Tempura near Hotel Koraku.

2016/11/19 641 views Food Momotaro
A Casual Tempura Restaurant "Oyobe" stands very close to Koraku Hotel, and it is open for lunch and dinner.

Walk down the street toward south along the canal for 1 minute. 

You will find a casual Tempura restaurant "Oyobe" on your left.


Chef fries Tempura in front of the guests.

Tables were all occupied downstairs at lunch time, but we found more space upstairs.

Notice: You have to sit down in Japanese style on Tatami matt if you go upstairs.

If you prefer table and chair, stay downstairs.


Lunch menu is from 1000 yen, it is very reasonable!


This is a set of Tempura "Anago" Teishoku, 1500 yen.

"Anago" means conger eel, which is one of the most famous fish of Seto Inland Sea.

A set without Anago conger eel is 1000 yen, served with deep fried shrimps, vegetables and sweet potato.




You can try various seasonings to enjoy Tempura in different flavours.

Season it with salt, curry, turmic powder etc.


This bowl of rice has a deep fried egg on its top.

Simple, but I like it best, try this Tamago-Ten Gohan.


One of our hotel staff is having a Tempura lunch after night shift. Yes, it's his favourate time.

 "'s scrumptious!"


Enjoy Tempura in a nice and casual atmosphere. 



Tempura OYOBE

add. 5-23, Heiwa-cho, Kita-ku, Okayama-shi, Okayama-ken, Japan
TEL 81-86-223-6060
open 11:30~14:00   18:00~22:00
closed Sundays & First Mondays
location Go out from Okayama Koraku Hotel to turn left, walk by the canal for 1-min. to the south, you will find it on your left.