Unique Curry shops in our neighborhood

2017/05/26 2113 views Food Koraku Hotel
Curry is one of the most popular dishes in Japan, men and women of all ages love curry to take for lunch, dinner and even for breakfast!

The curry varies in flavour and style at each curry shop whose cook create it in their own way and style.

We went to some small curry shops located near Koraku Hotel.

Why don't you find your favourate curry shop in our neighber?


2ndLife Dinng Place

They serve curry with smoked ingredients that really go well with the spice.

My favourate is a slice of smoked bacon served for the addition of the curry sauce.


This small bistro-like restaurant is a dinning bar at night serving various menus not only smoked foods and curry.


2ndLife Dining Place

add 4-6, Heiwa-cho, Kita-ku, Okayama-shi
TEL 81-86-206-4770
Open 11:00~15:00(L.O.14:00) 17:00~24:00(L.O.23:30)
Closed Sundays
Access 50m from the hotel
Seats 16


Alara Curry

This small counter style bar has been opened recently, acutually since April, 2017.

Green roof tent stands out at the corner of the road leading from Koraku Hotel.

Capacity is small, only 6 to 7 people at max.


You can choose the grade of spice heat, if you want it really hot, try first from 5 grades. 

I ordered a dish with pork & beef sauce without hot spice, called PUM 0 grade, although curry tasted very mild, the taste was so addictive that I was sure to come back next day.

Appetite for curry, taste of spice, and a friendly atmosphere will welcome you with rhythm of regae.  


Alara Curry

add 1-17 1F, Togiya-cho, Kita-ku, Okayama-shi 
TEL --
Open 11:00~ until curry is finished
Closed Mondays & Sundays irregulary
Access 100m ahead after leaving the door of Koraku Hotel to the left 
Seats 6




This restaurant serves authentic Indian home-cooked food.

It's also certified by the Halal Certification Committee of Japan Islamic Trust.


In addition to curry and food, Halal items are also sold in the shop.



A prayer room and purification area are available for anyone to use.



TEL 81-86-206-2289

Open  11:00-21:00

Closed First Tuesday