A Walk Around the Bikan District

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Kurashiki is ideal for a half-day trip to spend a holiday in Okayama nice and easy.

Kurashiki Bikan District

Okayama and Kurashiki are connected by local trains departing frequently, and it only takes around 20 minutes. Bikan district is located 5 minutes away from Kurashiki Sta. on foot.   


Old black and white warehouses are standing along the canal, some of them have been converted into cafes and shops.


The canal runs through the heart of Kurashiki, and all attractions are centred around the historical canal district.



A rickshaw (Jinriki-sha) pulled by a mustle man will take you around the canal area and the city centre of Kurashiki: a tour ranges from 12-min. (¥4000)to 2 hours' ride, you can select from various courses. 

English guide is available upon request. TEL 086-486-1400



Ohara Museum of Art

This museum by the canal consists of important collections of western paintings as masterpieces of El Greco, Picasso, and Gauguin etc. They also have a nice garden inside you can visit gratis.



Kurashiki Denim Street

Kurashiki has been a capital of denim in Japan with a background of its historical textile heritage.

The shop sells jeans and goods relating to the denim....including candies, well, do you want to taste this denim icecream? 


Birthplace of mt. masking tape

You will find more than 600 kinds of kawaii (cute) masking tapes here as they started from Kurashiki.

Find a loveliest souvenir to bring back home. 


"Gold medal croquette" has been the name of this fried mashed potato since it won a Japanese Croquette Contest. I just wonder what name it had before winning the prize of Gold medal.


Fukurou no Mori: Owl's woods.

Near Ohara Museum in Bikan district, there is an artificial woods-like place in which you can play with owls, some are rare ones you would've never seen. 


Bukkake Udon - Fruichi

Perfect to have when you are a bit peckish.

Bukkake Udon - Fruichi is located in the front of Kurashiki Sta. and here you can have one of the best Udon noodles in Okayama. 


Why don't you visit Kurashiki during your stay?

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