1 day trip to the sacred island of Miayajima

2017/12/21 2225 views Sightseeings Koraku Hotel
Torii Gate
Itsukushima Shinto Shrine, a World Herritage Site, can be visited by train and ferry in one day trip from Okayama.

Miyajima is one of the three most scenic spots in Japan, and it only takes about 1 hour and a half to get to Miyajima Island from Okayama. So use our hotel as a base of your trip,  leave your luggage at Koraku hotel, and enjoy 1 day return trip to Miyajima!

How to get to Miyajima

Take Shinkansen from JR Okayama Sta. to Hiroshima Sta. (about a 45-min. ride).

Change trains at Hiroshima Sta. to local Sanyo-Line, "platform 1" for Miyajima, which locates a 5-min walk away from Shinkansen platform.

Take a local train bound for Miyajima-guchi and Iwakuni.

A 25-min. of ride will take you to Miyajima-guchi Sta..


Get off the train at Miyajima-guchi Sta. and transfer to ferry here.

Ferries are operated frequently, enjoy a short cruise to Miayajima Island.

I recommend visiting Miyajima in the morning as more crowded it will be in the afternoon.

Deer are wandering about everywhere in a peaceful atmosphere, they are said to be a sacred animal in the local.

The Itsukushima Shrine, during times of high tide, it looks as if it were floating on the water.

During times of low tide, you can walk up to the Red Gate. 


You might encounter by chance great photo opportunities.

People write down their wishes on Ema boads and hang them at the shrine corridors as pictures below.

Try Omikuji lottery to read your future and the will of God (written in Japanese), tie the Omikuji papers on the poles or branches of the shrine after reading.


Also enjoy the wonderful panoramic view of Seto Inland Sea at the highest peak (535m) of Mt. Misen, a sacred mountain from aciant times.

This picture was taken high up in a ropeway gondora.



There is also a path to clime up on foot to the top.


Experience the magical beauty of Miyajima Island,

and don't miss the tasty local cuisine of Miyajima as well.


One of its specialities is Oysters served throughout a year.

Enjoy your trip!