Queue for a bowl of Ramen

2019/07/02 1528 views Food Koraku Hotel
Today we introduce you 3 Ramen shops near Koraku Hotel that you might find a long queue outside the shop.

Ramen freak would not bother making a queue to get a targetted bowl of Ramen

because it's worth waiting and the taste will never betray your appetite.


Kobiki stands in a quiet street near the archade street in front of Okayama Station.

You can easily miss unless there is a long queue.



Ramen of KOBIKI contains broth extracted from Niboshi fish, its ingredients and toppings are beutifully cooked at its very best. 

Choose Niboshi-Ramken or Noko-Miso-Ramen. Add some toppings for extra like boiled eggs and vegetables.

After all experiences, you will not regret a long queue for a bowl of Ramen !  




Add. 1-6-11, Ekimae-cho, Kita-ku, Okayama-shi, Okayama-ken
TEL -------
Open 11:00~14:00 18:00-20:00
Closed Sundays, Holidays

Please see the map below.

Cross the main road and walk into the archade street.

Turn right at the first small junction then turn left at Petit Hotel.

Price 650 yen ~


Next Ramen shop we introduce is also a very popular one, especially among young generation.

Because they serve you a bowlful of everything ! You can have a substantial meal for ¥850.

Get a ticket before queueing.

While you wait, think what toppings to add and how much you want them to add.

Staff will ask you about your topping request just before your Ramen will be served.


Be aware with the size ! Regular size is enormous here.

Regular (Futsu in Japanese) has 350gof noodles(that means, in this shop, 3 times bigger portion than normal size.)   Then, Small size (Sukuname) has 280gof noodles(2 portions)

Smaller size(Shouryou) has 180g(1 portion)

1/3 (Sanbun no Ichi Size) has 120g of noodles (good enough for me!)


Choose toppings from garlic(Ninniku), vegetables(Yasai), fat(Abura), hot pepper(Karami)

as you wish, they are all free to be added.

You can also choose its quantity from some levels and also it's free of extra charge.

Futsu means normal. Choi-Mashi menas a bit more. Mashi means More.

Mashi Mashi means "add to max!"


The roasted pork or chicken is tender and tasty, pasta fills up stomach, broth is delicious, and toppings are enjoyable and preferred to your taste.

People make a queue everyday, but absolutely worth it !



Add. 1-2-16, Nodaya-cho, Kita-ku, Okayama-shi, Okayama-ken
TEL  --------

11:30~14:15 18:00~23:30

Until 22:00 on Sundays

Closed Wednesday, 4thThursday(Irregularly closed sometimes)Check on SNS.

See the map below.

Cross the main street then turn to the right at traffic light. You'll find it on your left.

Price 850 yen(regular、a bit small、small、1/3、at same price)



Always full of people inside and outside, I never knew this kind of Ramen until I dared to try it.


A Different type of Ramen is served here.

Tsuke-men (noodles and broth served separately) is the most popular dish, but other menus like Shoyu Chaashu-men and Chaashu-Don are also recommendable. 

Apart from the atmosphere, the Ramen is extremely delicious and unique.

In addition to your Ramen or Tsukemen, try a small bowl of rice with roasted pork (Chaashu-Don ¥350) that would satisfy your appetite.


Ramen Hannya

住所 1-3-3, Nodaya-cho, Kita-ku, Okayama-shi, Okayama-ken Okay-Build.1F
TEL  ---------
営業時間 11:00~14:30  18:00~21:00
Closed Wednesdays  Check on SNS for irregular holidays

 3-min. from Koraku Hotel. See the map below.

It's in back street of Oka-Build. Market.

Price Konbu Dashi Tsuke-men(Soy sauce or salt) ¥900 (regular・Big)etc