A Morning Walk

2020/05/16 1145 views Culture Koraku Hotel
Early in the morning when the air is very fresh, you can go for a morning walk to enjoy the beautiful spots using the hours before departing.

Visit Okayama Shrine, walk along the path outside the Korakuen Garden and have a little break at riverside terrace.

Okayama shrine is located by the bank of Asahigawa river, from which Okayama Castle can be seen ahead on the other side.

It is within a 10-min. walk from Koraku Hotel.



Several people are seen at the precinct of shrine in the morning, they worship by resonating hands-clapping twice followed by 2 bows and finish with another bow. A sacred atmosphere surrounds the area.


This beautiful sight is wonderful to be appreciated during a morning walk or exercise. 


Stone walls under the castle will lead you to the top of the hill. 

Stairs are a bit rough, they might give you a good exercise but watch your steps! 


Let's go across the bridge to the garden.

The name of this bridge is Tsuki-Mi (Moon sight) Bridge.


Although the garden may be closed, you can enjoy a peaceful walk along the path outside the garden anytime through the year.


Take a break at the terrace of a little cafe by the Moonsight-Bridge.


Birds are chirping here and there. Get purified in the morning breeze.


Refresh yourself in the greenery promnade. 


Sweet encounters might be waiting for you to start a lovely day.