Okayama Korauen Garden

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Jewel of Okayama, one of the three best gardens in Japan
Korakuen, together with the Okayama castle, lies in the heart of Okayama city. Situated along the Asahi river, the garden offers spectacular views and serene environment at every standpoint, reflecting the culture and history of the beautiful Okayama.Visitors will witness over 300 years of its history. A 10-minute stroll from Koraku Hotel will take you to this picturesque garden. As a welcome change from the busy city, a serene and peaceful world will unfold.

Cranes of Korakuen garden

Tsunamasa Ikeda, who was a daimyo (Okayama feudal lord between 1672 and 1714), ordered Nagatada Tsuda to construct the Korakuen garden in 1687, and it was completed in 1700. This garden is famous for its lush grass, scenic paths and the ever-changing blossoms.

Mr. Kakumatsujaku (1892-1978, a Chinese politician, historian, literary man and poet), who is known for having built amicable relationships between Japan and China, used to be a student in Okayama once. After the World War Ⅱ, he sent beautiful cranes from China to help revive the war-torn Korakuen.

In Japan, cranes symbolize long life and happy marriage.


Enyou tei: Daimyo's House

The daimyo came to this house to take a rest. It is remarkable for having been rebuilt after the World War Ⅱ, using the very best wood and materials brought from all over Japan. It is thus regarded as a standing testimony to Japan's natural beauty.


Eisho bashi: Zigzag Bridge

Tsunamasa Ikeda crossed this bridge to go to Enyou tei; the Daimyo's house.

Why does the bridge have such a strange shape? Some people say that it is a military tactics.

Also it is said that a zigzag bridge would stop a wicked zombie from crossing a pond.

Zombies can only step straight ahead, and from a zigzag shaped bridge they would evnentually fall in the water and drown!?


The House of Tea (Chaso dou)

This teahouse is dedicated to Mr. Sennorikyu (1522-1591) and Mr. Eisai (1141-1215), the tea connoisseurs and experts on the tea ceremony.

Mr. Eisai was a priest, born in Okayama, who brought tea from China to Japan.


The end of stream (Ultimate pond)

This pond is the end of the stream, 640m in length.

From this point on, it flows back into the Asahi river.



Tanka stone monument

The monument displays a tanka poem by Mr. Kenkichi Nakamura, a famous Japanese poet.

The carving says, "Let your belief lead you, like a crane keeps its head up."


Water stream pavilion (Ryu ten)

Stones decorate the stream.

The pavilion is a cool and relaxing place to rest your feet and contemplate the garden.


Yuishin zan

The top of the hill is a splendid viewpoint to look at the scenery of the garden.

There are two pairs of Yin and Young stones at the top.


Gojyusan tsugi koshi kake

A ambieance with its bamboo lattice window offers the taste of the old Japana, as well as a splendid view of the Okayama castle.


Korakuen Garden Map

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Special Late-Night Garden Opening

From late July to mid-August every year, garden is open till 9:30 pm.

It is fantastic to visit the garden illuminated with lights and candles after the sun goes down.