Mind in Peace

2016/04/09 940 views Culture Momotaro
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Okayama is a place where the climate is mild and it is surrounded by abundant nature. Okayama used to be called in aciant times "Country of Kibi", and this region was flourished as a crucial point where cultures come and go. There are plenty of temples and shrines in Okayama prefecture and still now many people visit to remember the grace and for their prayers.

Kouchinji Temple

There is "Kouchinji Temple" of Tendai sect near by our Hotel.

It is a modern building now but this temple has been a family temple of the Ukita (Daimyo of Bizen) from the era of Daimyo Naoie Ukita (1529-1582), therefore it's famous and important in terms of history of Okayama.


It is open to everyone.

The hall on the 3rd floor can be visited quietly.


Open from 7:30 to 16:30 (from 9:00 on Sun. and Holidays)

It is 50 meters away from Koraku Hotel.

Going out from the hotel, turn to the right and walk straight 

until you see the temple at the corner of a small junction.

It's in front of Pizzeria Appetito.