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Welcome to Koraku Hotel.Please Feel at Home While You Stay With Us.

  • Guest rooms
  • Guest rooms(Microwave)
  • Guest rooms(Microwave & Ice maker & Vending machine)
  • Guest rooms(Vending machine)
  • Guest rooms
  • Guest rooms(Microwave)
  • Guest rooms(Washing machine)
  • Guest rooms
  • Guest rooms(Microwave & Ice maker & Vending machine)
  • Mini Library & Business corner,Meeting rooms,(Vending machine)
  • Clinics,Office

  • Restaurant
  • Lobby,Front desk, Shop,Drug store,Post office
  • Izakaya restaurants & Bar

Okayama Koraku Hotel
Phone/81-86-221-7111 Fax/81-86-221-0007 Email: info@kooraku.co.jp
Room Infomation
211 rooms in total *No-smoking rooms: 188 no-smoking rooms on no-smoking floors, 6F, 7F, 8F, 9F, 10F, 11F, 12F
○Beverages:4F, 5F, 10F, 11F
○Coin operated washing machines: 7F
○Microwaves and Ice makers:5, 11F *Please bring an icepale to fetch ice.
Other facilities
2F Japanese Restaurant TSURUBE
Buffet style breakfast is available from 6:30 to 10:00.
At night, please enjoy Japanese cuisine with regional foodstuff.
We have various choices of set menues and small-portion-dishes.
4F Mini Library & Business corner
Mini library & Business corner is situated on 4th floor and it is open for 24 hours for the guests.
Internet access and books are provided in this room.
Please use your room key to enter.
Mini Museum
Paintings, ceramical arts and other works of art are exhibited in the front of the elevators.
Master pieces of acient times & modern artists can be appreciated during your stay.
capacity: 144cars.
Pirice: 600yen~1,100yen
Price depends on type of car.


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